2024 MPRA Awards & Citations Nomination Form

Please read all of these instructions prior to proceeding. 

This nomination form will require you to upload three documents before submission. These documents are:

1. Evidence of Service: A list of specific qualifications can be found in the Awards Codes. Visit https://www.mopark.org/conference/#awards to view all Awards Codes. Preferred format is .pdf 

2. Evidence of Experience: This may be a resume, curriculum vitae, or biography. Preferred format is .pdf 

3. Proposed Narration: Submit a draft narration for the awards video. The Fellow Award should not exceed 600 words in length. All other awards should not exceed 300 words in length. Preferred format is .docx

All upload documents will be limited to 20MB in size. 

Nominations are due December 1.

If you experience any difficulties during this nomination process, please email gary@mopark.org

The Regional Governance Outstanding New Professional Award nomination period has been extended to December 22, 2023. 

Oops. This form is no longer accepting responses

We're sorry but this form/survey is no longer accepting responses. If you have questions or believe this is an error, please contact us.


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